Ireland Made Simple

Personalized Tours of the Emerald Isle


A timeless land of enchantment and mystery, breathtaking scenery peace and tranquility where uncrowded roads and lazy rivers, rugged mountains and crumbling castles and the mild Gulf stream air, combine to make it an unforgettable experience.

Irish Beauty Made Simple

Take in special views like the Cliffs of Moher. Your mind and heart will be blown away !! There is plenty to see here on the Emerald isle
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Castle Tours Made Simple

Ireland has an extensive selection of castle tours, paid and for free. You can simply walk down a riverbank and see some historic family castles.
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Irish Sport Made Simple

Ireland is known to have a great sporting tradition. You can find an array of sporting events year round, whether it be Hurling, Gaelic Football, Soccer and Rugby. The atmosphere is always mighty !!

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City Tours Made Simple

No matter what cities you decide to visit, you will always be made feel at home. Most cities are only a very short distance to travel. So why not pop into the local and have a pint of the black stuff and enjoy the banter with the locals.
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Irish Music & Dance Made Simple

Come and see the real thing. If you are lucky you may be able to catch a Riverdance show but there are plenty of opportunities to see traditional music and Irish dancing at its best. Just ask us and we will lead you there !!

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August 5, 2014



"As a young person, I dreamed of living in Ireland permanently. But, more recently I began considering one year. As I considered winter in Ireland, I pared it even more - to nine months. Then I actually made the decision to do it and set a date. I began the process of planning for this extended trip to Ireland - 15 months in advance. Because of my age and being unable to drive while there, the major consideration was a place to live for nine months in a city with good transportation. I was getting nowhere as the months passed. No one knew about long term housing if you were not a student, a professor or a corporate worker.

Then I read a piece in "The Celtic Connection" about a young couple newly arrived from Ireland who were setting up a service for visitors to Ireland - the name? Ireland Made Simple. The couple? Erica and Julian Bourke. I immediately called them and explained my frustration about a place to live and they assured me they could help me with this and the other arrangements that I would need to make. They visited me at my home and within a few months, I had made a deposit on a house in Galway for the nine months I would be there. Yes! Thank you, Erica and Julian.

The months went by, my plans solidified, the other things I needed to do became clear, I had lists upon lists and Erica and Julian supported me all the way. They arranged my flight plans with saving rates, arranged help in getting bags and me from Shannon to Galway and, though it may have seemed to them I required a lot of hand holding, they made sure I was taken care of in every way possible.

So, I highly recommend their assistance if you are planning a visit to lovely Ireland - they do know the country and I know they will find the best available for you."

-Fern Howe Balaun